July 2021

Gemfields assembles ‘The G-Factor for Natural Resources’

Gemfields today invites collaboration, input and support from governance bodies, mining organisations, industry observers and host governments in adopting the ‘G-Factor for Natural Resources’, a new measure promoting greater transparency regarding the level of natural resource wealth shared with the governments of host countries. The G-Factor for Natural Resources is intended to be an uncomplicated indicator of the percentage of a natural resource company’s revenue that is paid to the host country government in primary and direct taxes, plus – where the host government is a shareholder – dividends. As such, it is an indicator of the share of natural resource wealth paid to a host country’s government.

Response to Share Price Movement

The Company notes the recent increase in its share price and confirms that there is no disclosable unpublished price-sensitive information relating to the Company at the present time. The Company’s operations in both Mozambique and Zambia remain materially uninterrupted. The Company is closely monitoring the global Covid-19 situation and presently expects to hold three further gemstone auctions this year.