October 31, 2022

Distribution of Circular and Notice of EGM

Shareholders of Gemfields (“Shareholders”) are referred to the Company’s announcement on 29 September 2022 where it was noted that the board of directors of the Company (“Board”) had approved and would seek shareholder approval for a general share buy-back programme of up to USD 10 million (the “Share Buy-Back”). The Board is of the view that the Share Buy-Back represents an opportunity to promote Gemfields’ financial success and is a good use of surplus cash, on the basis that Gemfields is able to invest in itself at an attractive, low enterprise valuation and simultaneously enhance future earnings per share for the benefit of Shareholders.

Notification of major holdings

In compliance with paragraph 3.83(b) of the JSE Listings Requirements and AIM Rule 17, shareholders are advised that Gemfields received formal notification on 28 October 2022 from Rozendal Associate Holdings (“Rational Expectations”) that it, combined with related parties, now hold a total of 120,672,805 ordinary shares in the Company, equivalent to 10.01 per cent of the total issued shares in the Company.