Brian Gilbertson



Position Chairman
Appointed At IPO in September 2007

BSc (Maths & Physics), BSc (Hons) in Physics, MBL and PMD

Brian Gilbertson has extensive experience in the global natural resources industry. In his early career, he was managing director of Rustenburg Platinum Mines Limited, which gained recognition as the world’s foremost producer of platinum in the 1980s. Later, as executive chairman of Gencor Limited, Mr Gilbertson led the restructuring of the South African mining industry into the post-Apartheid era, transforming Gencor Limited into a focussed minerals and mining group. During this period he held ultimate responsibility for Impala Platinum Holdings and for Samancor Limited, the world’s largest producer of manganese and chrome ore and alloys. Important initiatives included the Hillside and Mozal aluminium projects and the purchase of the international mining assets (Billiton plc) of the Royal Dutch Shell Group.

1997 BHP Billiton

In 1997, Gencor Limited restructured its non-precious metals interests as Billiton plc and, with Mr Gilbertson as executive chairman, Billiton plc raised US$1.5 billion in an Initial Public Offering on the LSE, taking the company into the FTSE100. In 2001, Billiton plc merged with BHP Limited to create what is widely regarded as the world’s premier resources company, BHP Billiton plc.


2003 Vedanta Resources plc

In late 2003, Mr Gilbertson led the mining group Vedanta Resources plc to the first primary listing of an Indian company on the LSE in the second largest Initial Public Offering of the year. He was chairman of Vedanta Resources plc until July 2004. In 2004 he founded Incwala Resources (Pty) Limited, a pioneering Black Economic Empowerment corporation in South Africa, and was its first chairman until March 2006.

2004 SUAL

In 2004, Mr Gilbertson joined Sibirsko-Uralskaya Aluminum Company (SUAL), an aluminium producer in Russia and led the company into the US$30 billion merger with RUSAL and the alumina assets of Glencore International A.G., creating the largest aluminium company in the world.

2006 Pallinghurst

Mr Gilbertson established Pallinghurst Advisors LLP and the Investment Manager during 2006 and 2007 respectively, and is the chairman of and a partner in both entities.

Mr Gilbertson is also the chairman of both Jupiter and Sedibelo and is a director of Tshipi. Mr Gilbertson is a British and South African citizen.