Patrick Sacco

Position Non-Executive Director
Appointed 11 October 2021

BA (Indus Psych), MA (Marketing)

Patrick Sacco joined the Assore group in 2003 after completing a master’s degree at the University of Colorado (USA). He was appointed as a Director of Ore & Metal, the selling and marketing agent for all of Assmang Ltd’s products in 2007, and is currently its Chairman, as well as the Group Marketing Director for Assore Limited. In addition, from 1 January 2019, Mr Sacco was appointed as the Deputy CEO for Assore Holdings.

Mr Sacco was appointed director of Assmang Ltd in 2008 and Assore in 2016, and is on the board of Oresteel Proprietary Limited, the ultimate holding company of Assore Holdings. In 2016, Mr Sacco was appointed Chairman of Cato Ridge Alloys Ltd, a 50% owned subsidiary of Assmang Ltd, producing Medium Carbon Ferro Manganese. On 1 July 2020, Mr Sacco was appointed as the Managing Director of Assore International Holdings, based in Winchester, United Kingdom. From January 2021, Mr Sacco was appointed as the Chairman of MARA, the REACH Manganese Consortium, and has been Chairman of the International Manganese Institute since July 2020.

Mr Sacco is a South African citizen.