Priyank Thapliyal

Metallurgical Engineer, BTech, MEng, MBA (Western Ontario, Canada)

Priyank Thapliyal acted as deputy to Anil Agarwal (founder and chairman of Vedanta) and was responsible for spearheading the main strategic developments that resulted in the listing of Vedanta on the London Stock Exchange (“LSE”) in December 2003. The listing has been credited for transforming Vedanta from an Indian copper smelting company in 2000 to the current multi-billion dollar revenue LSE-listed global company. A significant part of this value uplift soon after listing was attributable to the US$50 million acquisition of a controlling stake in Konkola Copper Mines in Zambia in November 2004, which was initiated and led by Mr Thapliyal.

Mr Thapliyal is a founding partner of both Pallinghurst Advisors LLP and the Investment Manager. Mr Thapliyal is primarily responsible for Pallinghurst’s Steel Making Materials strategy and is a director of Jupiter and Tshipi. Mr Thapliyal is a British and Indian citizen.