Given the size and nature of the Montepuez ruby licence, unlicensed mining activity and asset loss remain key challenges. However, new infrastructure, a significant security presence and ongoing efforts have resulted in a measured improvement during the year.

An extensive security plan has been formulated to separate the security department into an independently functioning unit. Internal security personnel, with prior experience from the Mozambican military, have been hired with the aim of increasing the level of diversity, skills and discipline available within the security function.
Gemfields is formalising a group-level standard for health and safety reporting and procedures. Regular training sessions are held for all employees on various subjects, including health and safety.

Social initiatives currently underway include various improvements to the local maternity ward, the preparation of farmlands, installation of street lighting and an HIV awareness programme. In June 2015, Montepuez celebrated World Environment Day by inviting children from the local schools to replant an area of reclaimed land and to participate in talks concerning the environment at Montepuez.