On which stock exchanges is Gemfields Group Limited (“GGL”) listed?

Gemfields Group Limited (“Gemfields” or the “Company”) is listed on the following stock exchanges:

Johannesburg Stock Exchange (“JSE”) – Ticker/Symbol: GML
Alternative Investment Market (“AIM”) * – Ticker/Symbol: GEM

How do I know which stock exchange / share register my Gemfields shares are listed on?

If you hold your shares in electronic form i.e. via a broker, we recommend you contact your broker to confirm which register your shares are held on.
If your shares are held in certificated form, they are likely to be held on the Guernsey register – if you are unsure, please check the correspondence address which appears on the share certificate(s) or contact Computershare UK in the first instance.

Why are there two different share prices for Gemfields?

As Gemfields is dual listed on the JSE and AIM its share price is quoted in both South African Rand and UK Sterling. It is normal for the share price on both exchanges to be very near to each other with the different prices tracking the prevailing South African Rand/Sterling exchange rate.

I did not accept the Pallinghurst offer back in 2017 as a Gemfields plc shareholder, however my shares were acquired by Pallinghurst (now Gemfields Group Limited)). Can I still receive my shares?

Any consideration to which you may be entitled is being held in trust on your behalf by Gemfields and you have 12 years to claim your shares. To receive any consideration shares to which you may be entitled, you will need to contact the nominee that held your Gemfields shares on your behalf, and ask them to have the relevant party (often the CREST participant who acts as custodian to the shares) apply in writing to the below address:

Computershare Investor Services PLC, Corporate Actions Projects, The Pavilions, Bridgwater Road, Bristol, BS99 6AH
You will also need to provide evidence of ownership of the Gemfields shares:

  1. If your shares are in physical certificated form – you will need to provide Computershare with the relevant share certificates (it is recommended that these be sent by courier or tracked mail) or, in the event that you no longer have such certificates in your possession, an acceptable form of indemnity for lost share certificates, which can be obtained from Computershare.
  2. If your shares are in electronic form – you need to request that the CREST participant contacts Computershare.

I have changed my address (or/and my name) – what should I do?

You should notify Computershare UK or Computershare SA, depending on which register you hold your shares and if your shares are held in certificated form. If you hold your shares via a stockbroker or share dealing service, you should contact them directly with your change of details.

Where do I find my shareholder reference number – for certificated shareholders?

You’ll find your shareholder reference number quoted on any correspondence you have received from either Computershare SA or Computershare UK, such as share certificates or proxy forms.

I have lost my share certificate – what do I do?

You should contact Computershare UK with your details such as your name and address (and any previous addresses which may have been linked to your lost share certificate). Computershare UK can then issue a replacement certificate. The Registrars will charge an administrative fee for issuing a replacement and, depending on the number of shares involved, there may also be an indemnity charge to pay.

I hold my Gemfields shares through a nominee account, am I eligible to attend an AGM or EGM in person?

Yes, although you will need to bring a letter of representation from your nominee confirming your shareholding, name and address. We would recommend that your nominee emails a copy of this letter to our registrars, Computershare, in advance so that the wording can be checked.