Major Shareholders

Current Shares In Issue: 1,166,695,130
Shareholders owning 3% or more Number of ordinary shares held % of issued share capital
Assore International Holdings Limited 340,367,121 29.17
Rational Expectations1 156,434,855 13.41
Ophorst Van Marwijk Kooy Vermogensbeheer N.V. 114,771,427 9.84
Oasis2 94,212,365 8.08
Fidelity International3 69,990,596 6.00
Ninety One Group 60,870,685 5.22
Van Lanschot Kempen N.V. 56,125,250 4.81
Diacolor International DMCC 40,610,337 3.48

1 The Rational Expectations holding includes interests held by Rational Expectations (Pty) Ltd, Afrika Avontuur Kapitaal (Pty) Ltd, Rozendal & Associates Holdings Limited, Potdrie (Pty) Ltd, Groenpunt Kapitaal Ltd and Beaucourt Holdings (Pty) Ltd

2 The Oasis shareholding includes interests held by Oasis Asset Management and Oasis Crescent Capital.

3 Fidelity International hold an additional interest in GGL through a Contract for Difference (CFD) over 831,281 shares, totalling a further 0.07%.

Last updated on 21 December 2023