Major Shareholders

Current Shares In Issue: 1,431,685,553
Shareholders holding 5% or moreNumber of shares%
Dr Christo Wiese1160,388,40711.20
NGPMR (Cayman) L.P.138,469,7359.67
Investec Pallinghurst (Cayman) L.P.130,401,5199.11
Ophorst Van Marwijk Kooy Vermogensbeheer N.V.109,524,9787.65

1. Dr Wiese holds indirect interests in 160,388,407 GML shares via various entities. In addition, a further 2,204,700 shares, or 0.15%, are held by members of Dr Wiese’s immediate family; including these shares would increase Dr Wiese’s total shareholding to 11.35%.

2. The Oasis shareholding includes interests held by Oasis Asset Management and Oasis Crescent Capital.

3 Shareholding %s are based on the current shares in issue of 1,431,685,553.

4 The total of shares issued includes 117,342,899 shares owned by the Company.